Male To Female(MTF) Sex Reassignment

The pivotal part in Male To Female sex reassignment is the reshaping the male genital organ so that it appears like the female genitalia. Efforts are also made to replicate the female genital function. The process is named as Vaginoplasty. The entire sex change doesn’t finish just with this surgery. Other surgeries like facial feminization surgery, breast augmentation are also performed.

Vaginoplasty: An important component that is required for this surgery is the availability of skin. The skin from the foreskin of the penis is normally inverted. Such a procedure can help in preserving the nerve & blood supplies. This flapped skin act as vagina. The female clitoris is formed from penile glans. If the individual has undergone circumcision or if more skin is taken for labia minora formation, then the amount of skin remaining will be relatively less. For compensating this, pubic hair follicles are removed and they are incorporated within vaginal opening. The remaining tissues constitute labia majora.

Breast augmentation: The procedure is done if the hormonal therapy fails to produce the required breast growth. Female hormones play a vital role in the growth of breasts. Progestrone is responsible for giving a round shape to the breasts and aids the development of milk glands. Estrogen, on the other hand, is responsible for the distribution of fat to the body parts like breasts, buttocks, hip etc.

Facial feminization: In this process, cartilage and bone structures in the face are removed and reshaped so that a more feminine appearance results.

Voice feminization surgery: Some individuals undergoing the surgery may want to modify pitch and range of vocal chords. In some cases, estrogen does not help in naturally changing the voice. Such a situation necessitates this treatment.

Buttock augmentation: The buttocks and hips in males are considerably less than females. In order to have such a modification, persons may undergo this procedure. A waist to hip ratio of 0.8 can be obtained. 0.7 is the desired ratio for women and for men this is 0.9.