Facial Rejuvenations: FILLERS

What are cosmetic injectable fillers?

The early signs of aging, is when you loose fullness in your face, and develop wrinkles. The Concept Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centre offers, non-surgical options to soften these facial lines and restore volumes & and fullness in the face with the latest techniques of cosmetic injectable fillers. The use of this cosmetic injectable fillers, which is also known as soft tissue augmentation, which can plump thin lips, also enhance sallow facial contours, and soften facial creases and wrinkles, which can improve the appearance of recessed scars.

facial rejuvenations fillers

How do I know if I Am a candidate for cosmetic injectable fillers?

The best way to know, is to consult your cosmetic surgeon, at the Concept Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centre

There are also other fillers, like Tissue fillers which are a good option if you:

  • There would be moderate to mild degree of facial again
  • Physically fit
  • Have specific and realistic goals in achieving your appearance

How do I prepare, myself for a cosmetic injectable filler?

Your cosmetic procedure would include:

  • Your expectations with your cosmetic surgeon and the desired outcome
  • The cosmetic surgeon would review,your drug allergies and medical treatments.
  • Before the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon would also review your current medications, and also if you are a daily user of alcohol,tobacco and drugs
  • Also would discus any past treatment with injectable fillers, facial shaping or Botox therapy, or other facial rejuvenation procedures.

Your cosmetic surgeon may also:

  • Would discuss options, available to you for facial rejuvenation
  • The cosmetic surgeon would examine and measure your face
  • The cosmetic surgeon, would discuss options and the course of treatment
  • The cosmetic surgeon, the general health, the status, and also the conditions and the risk factors.
  • Discuss likely outcomes of injectable fillers and any risks or potential complications.