Allergy test required: No

Durability: Is said to be Permanent; and can be removed via aspiration although it is unclear how complete such removal may be.

Function / Purpose:

The function and purpose of polyalklimide gel does not indicate for the treatment of wrinkles. This treatment also helps to enhance the cheekbones, and jawline, and also help replace facial volume which was lost due to age, this type of dermal filler also is a good choice to plump your lips.

This treatment of polyalklimide, is injected under the skin after the doctor delivers, an local anaesthetic, and then it can be moulded into place. After injecting the dermal filler, a thin layer of collagen slowly forms around it over a course of about a month. The gel is completely surrounded, and a single procedure can inject a large volume. This product, which is thought to be stable, but can even be removed if necessary.

This dermal filler -polyalkylimide, has a another special significance, for use of HIV-positive , and people who suffer from facial lipotrophy, which is also known as facial wasting, which is a side effect of anti-reto-viral medications.

Polyalkylimide: The advantages are:

  • No allergy test is required
  • It's radio transparent, meaning it won't interfere with x-rays
  • Polyalkylimide-This substance has very little reaction with human tissue, meaning it's bio-compatible.
  • Polyalkylimide, can also be combined with other fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, which can be used as a finishing touch for finer lines and wrinkles.