Gynecomastia Correction

Removal of Extra Male Breast Tissue

It is a cosmetic procedure, which is aimed at reducing the size of the male breast tissue that may often be present with no obvious cause. This procedure is done by combining, liposuction and the direct removal of extra tissue. Liposuction,is usually not recommended when it comes to gynecomastia correction, it is only used in the case of very mild correction.

Procedure Details & Information


Extra fatty or breast tissue found on the chest

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours


This is a procedure which is done under general anaesthesia, and power liposuction is used, to remove as much of the fatty or excessive breast tissue as possible. It also depends whether extra skin has to be removed or not, an incision needs to be made, to allow direct excision of the remaining tissue, which is impossible to be removed by liposuction. This is usually the incision, which is just in the lower half of the areola(dark skin around the nipple), but if there a mount of extra skin, then larger incisions are required .


The recovery time is :
Stay home for 5-7 days
No exercise or heavy lifting for 4-6 week
Significant swelling for 2-6 months
Final results in 6-12 months


The results which show after the surgery, is an improved appearance and masculinity of the chest, a little or no fatty breast tissue in front of the pectoral muscle.


Risks involved
Scarring, bleeding , infection
Decreased nipple sensation,contour abnormalities,and redundant loose skin.