Chin augmentation

This surgery for aesthetic,is performed to improve the balance of your facial profile and correct a “weak” chin. Chin augmentation, with implants is a procedure by choice of most patients, who have normal functioning teeth and jaw development. The surgery is performed by a bio-compatible implant is placed over the bone of the lower jaw, augmenting the dimensions of the jaw. It depends on the region augmented, by this you can create a stronger/wider chin,and even lengthen the face.

Am I a good candidate ?

The lower section on the jaw is moved forward, and wired into position, if you have a weak chin and normal function of the jaw and the chin augmentation with the help of implants may be the procedure of choice for you. In the past you may have used temporary soft tissue fillers to achieve a stronger chin. You should be of sound health,and normal functioning immune system if you are considering implant surgery.

Chin Augmentation

Standard procedures/Chin Implants

There are various options when is comes to aesthetic chin surgery, as these implants can create a stronger chin, as it augments the bony structure of the jaw , which can make the chin wider, or even slightly lengthen your face. Implants of different shapes, sizes, and materials are available, which are chosen depending of on the changes which are desired by the technique used.

To perform this aesthetic chin surgery, the incision is made a pocket designed to accommodate the implant directly over the bone along the lower jaw. The solid implants can be placed through a small incision under the chin . When other materials (such as medpor) are used for chin augmentation, the surgeon make an incision inside the mouth is done. The chin implant is then secured in place either by designing, a well-fitting pocket, or by affixing it to soft tissue or bone, the surgeon closes the incision after completing the chin augmentation. Usually this process takes about 30-45 minutes to complete, unless the surgeon is doing something additional to the chin surgery. The surgeon puts some tape on the skin to assist in holding the implant in place during the normal swelling after surgery.

Chin Implants Benefits / Advantages / Options

  • To achieve a strong chin(as opposed to temporary fillers)
  • This can be performed with other procedures(eg.nose surgery/rhinoplasty)
  • To achieve your desired look multiple chin implant choices are available
  • Direct surgery, or intra-oral approaches available

Other Considerations for Chin Implants

When you think of chin surgery, with a chin implant, you should be aware that certain patients are better served with other surgical approaches, if you have a severely weak chin, or have an abnormally functioning jaw, a genioplasty or mandibular advancement surgery can be considered. However these procedures involve cutting the bone of the jaw, where the road to recovery could be longer , than chin surgery with implants,but there is no guarantee, however you need to discuss with you surgeon what is the right procedure for you.

Chin Implants Risks / Complications / Patient Safety

  • You may receive some sensation to the chin may be temporarily or permanent changed by the implant.
  • There could be a risk that the chin implant can be shifted, especially in the early stages after the surgery.
  • Try not to be in contact with sports, until you are fully healed
  • If the chin implant becomes infected, removal of the chin implant may be necessary to clear the infection.