Poly-L-lactic acid

To rejuvenate the skin, polylactic acid is used , as a derma filler, and this is in use for several years, This substance is non-toxic , biodegradable, stimulator, which stimulates the production of collagen. Polylactic acid is also known for its natural effects , and the results show gradually.

Pros: Polylactic is one of the dermal fillers, which adds youthful volume to face and last for almost 24 months. The effect of this treatment is slow and gradual,however it looks very natural

Cons: Polylactic acid, also known as “sculptra” is a course of four injections, scheduled by the cosmetic surgeon which is carried over a period of 3 weeks, to about 3 months. This type of treatment is appropriate for filling in individual wrinkles or plum-ping lips.

Sculptra is devised as a treatment series of up to four injections, scheduled three weeks apart over a three-month period. "Sculptra also known as Polylactic acid isn't appropriate for filling in individual wrinkles or plump-ing lips,