Microdermabrasion-What is the meaning of microdermabrasion? And how does it Work?

This procedure is carried out, by using a modern machine, by which crystals are used, which is very fine, and these crystals are made up of aluminium powder,which is sprayed on the skin and at the same time is sucked back into the machine along with the superficial/dead skin cells. In this process a fine stimulus is given to the skin to grow faster without using any medicines.

How safe is the procedure?

You are, safe and in the hands of a professional cosmetic surgeon, with these cosmetic procedures, you would experience some redness for a day or two , some flaking and dryness of the skin may be seen especially in dry weather, conditions .If the skin is thin then there are some streaks which are visible for a few days.

What are the precautions? How long does it take ?

This session takes about 15 minutes, and needs to be repeated every 15-20 days, and the patient will need to attend at least 6-8 sessions, being a cosmetic procedure, some people like to keep coming for maintenance sessions every month or so. Once this treatment is done try to avoid the sun for a few days, after the treatment and apply sunscreen and moisturisers, and other medicines advised by the doctor. After the procedure, then you should also avoid procedures like waxing and bleaching of the affected areas for a few days.. Tell you doctor if you have psoriasis, or herpes/cold sores of lips or a bad tendency of forming thick scars.

Who should be doing it ? Are the skin polishing at parlours the same?

Any doctor trained in this procedure or a skin specialist, should do it preferably, however polishing treatments are widely “promoted , package and sold” by some parlours which may be be using the sterile tips and may not use a “desirable strength/suction” for a fear of “side effects”, also the equipment is used is different from that which is used in the parlour.

Whom does the procedure help?

Anyone can go through this procedure. People with active acne should avoid preferably till pimples settle down. It is used for acne scars, for rejuvenation of the skin, and also as an adjuvant for fine wrinkles and dull complexion, which can be used for the face,arms back and almost any other area of the body.

After the Procedure is Complete!Do I need to apply something ?

Sunscreen and other creams which would be prescribed by the doctor.