What is orthognathic surgery?

Orthognathic surgery,commonly referred as jaw surgery, is a realignment surgery in which an oral or maxillofacial surgeon rectifies problems associated with jaws and out of position teeth .It also involves cutting and re-aligning of bones using screws or plates.The asymmetry in skeleton,dental conditions that are not resolved by orthodontics, can be corrected with this method.It boosts the profile of the person and bring back his confidence in chewing,speaking and breathing.

Why surgery is needed?

Orthognathic surgery is needed for the individuals who have skeletal and dental deformities.It reduces the risk from termporomandibular joint disorders.The problems from trauma or accidents can be resolved easily.The problem of protruded gums and “gummy” smiles can be rectified.The affects of sleep apnea can be reduced.The chin problems,imbalance of facial profile,under bites,overbites and cross bites gets controlled.The patients unfixed with orthodontic procedures can prefer this technique. The people suffering from intense pain due to misplaced jaws could opt this as a corrective surgery.The people having discomforts in chewing,speaking and breathing in account of inborn defects are advised to undergo surgery.It is also a good option for enhancing profile of your face.

Surgical procedures for lower jaw problems:

Genioplasty(Chin surgery)

It is a surgical procedure for correcting misaligned chins.The misalignment may be due to small chin or protruding chin .In Genioplasty, the chin born is cut and is repostioned into a new position, by the surgeon.This reshapes the chin to be in its proper profile.The reshaping of chin can also be done using chin implants.In this method entire chin or its part is replaced by implants made of other materials which gives natural feel and look. It is a time saving method and convenient than surgery.The implants are placed under chin or along lower lip using screws.

Mandibular osteotomy

In Mandibular osteotomy,cuts are made along jawbone in lengthwise and in the back of molars.This facilitates the front row of the jaw to work in alliance,which in turn make the jaw to slide smoothly.As it heals,the screws inserted firms the jawbone.

Surgical procedures for upper jaw problems:

Maxillary osteotomy

It is a surgical procedure for correcting problems associated with upper jaw.Small upper jaw,open bite,cross bite and teeth protrusion problems can be resolved through this method.In this method,the bone over teeth is cut.This makes the mouth roof and upper teeth to coordinate together.The upper teeth and jaw are moved forward so that it gets gradually accommodated with lower teeth.When it is properly realigned,the bone in the new position is made to held by screws and plates.After an interval of time,the screws slowly gets integrated with bone.

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is a method used for revamping the profile definition by enhancing cheeks of a person.For cheek augmentation implant method is used.In its procedures implant is placed over existing cheekbones through small incisions.These incisions are made along upper jaws, where gum and cheek bone gets into contact.

Surgical procedures for both lower & upper jaw problems:

Bi-maxillary protrusion

The surgery aims curing jaw problems in which incisors gets protusive or proclined where teeth gets excessively inclined towards lips.The aesthetics of person may be affected by gummy smile,lip problem,open bite and mentalis strain.In its procedures,extraction of premolars is done initially,followed by retraction of anterior teeth.This reduces protrusion and rectifies lower mid line. The.The problems with lips and nasolabial angle can be corrected.

Bi-maxillary osteomtomy

Similar to maxillary osteomy the teeth and jaw are made to move forward by cutting bones.Sometimes grafting and liposuction is accompanied.The screws and plates hold the bones properly.After an interval of period ,upper and lower jaw gets properly integrated.