Wrinkle Reduction

What To Expect

Most of the people, especially women are much worried about the wrinkle problem. Wrinkles can be the result of different things such as:

  • Aging
  • Result of sun exposure
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Changes in the hormones
  • Smoking etc.

But, the newly developed technologies have solution for this. Numbers of cosmetic techniques are there to reduce wrinkles. The main treatment is the soft tissue augmentation.

Soft tissue augmentation: soft tissue augmentation is the process of injecting material to reduce wrinkles. Different types of fillers are used for this kind of treatment. Fillers such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, hydroxilapatite, human fat etc are used for injecting.

Collagen is a natural protein which helps in protecting the skin. Injecting collagen can help to reduce wrinkles. Some may have allergic issues after the treatment. So, it is important to have an allergy test before the treatment. The result of collagen injection may last for two to four months. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance seen in human bodies. It is suitable for facial and surface wrinkles. The result of this treatment may last for six months or more.

Hydroxilapatite is a compound like mineral, which is seen naturally in human bones. It is one the heaviest fillers. It is mainly suggested for issues like marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and other facial contours. Human fat is also used to inject to correct wrinkles. It is a more extensive procedure than other methods. The result may last up to one year or more in some cases.

Laser treatment for wrinkle reduction

Laser treatments have started to occupy a space in the medical field. It is used in many streams including cosmetic treatments. Nowadays, people are more on laser treatments than the other traditional methods of wrinkle reduction. These treatments can reduce wrinkles and helps you to look younger.

The result of laser may not be that good when compared with other surgical treatments. The result of laser treatment will not last for long. So, to sustain the results, you may have to repeat the treatment.