Chest Contouring: Overview

The team of doctors at Concept Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centre, help you to get rid of excessive fat and tissue deposits on your chest easier and attainable for men of all ages. This procedure, known as Chest Contouring involves reducing, shaping, defining and also the possibility of tightening the chest. With dieting, it is difficult, and you cannot spot reduce, and weightlifting does not help, but only enlarges the chest muscles, the best way to reduce the volume of fat around the chest, is by using External Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (EUAL) to remove the areas fat and reduce the breast tissue. The Smart Lipo MPX technique can be added to the procedure if, it is necessary to produce even more reduction and contouring of the chest. After the procedure if there is loose skin, then this is not an issue, however if loose was their before the procedure.

Those men who do have loose (or excess) skin around the chest,and is hanging over the crease in the chest, doesn't have to worry as this technique known as Smart Lipo MPX can help the skin to tighten non-surgically. However surgical tightening of the skin is an option as well. Men are able to boost their self confidence after this procedure is done. The doctor will review your options during consultation and help you decided which is the best procedure for you.

Chest Contouring: Procedure

During the procedure, the doctor, uses a hand piece to harmlessly massage, ultrasonic sound waves through the skin, and to liquefy the fat cells. With this procedure, there are no incisions, and the fat is removed via small holes which are punctured into the skin. Unlike the traditional liposuction, this procedure allows, the doctor to remove the greater amount of fat with less, effects of bruising and discomfort.

Chest Contouring: Recovery

There are no restrictions or down time after chest contouring procedure.