Liposuction –Vaser: Shoulders

Cosmetic needs can vary with individuals. Many people are embarrassed to disclose their flabby arms, especially when they wave their hands. The appearance of the shoulder may be of serious concern to them. Some of them want to reshape the shoulder so as to have a firm look. Obese people may need to remove extra skin & fat from the chest walls, upper arms etc. Depending upon the problem, the treatment is decided.

Liposuction: Involves excess fat removal from the areas surrounding the upper arm/shoulder. The fat suction may also be carried out in the lateral and posterior chest wall. The process is named as CAST procedure.

Arm & Shoulder Reshaping surgery: This reshaping surgery is commonly referred to as brachioplasty. Brachioplasty means arm-lift. This procedure is appropriate for individuals having loose skin in their upper arms. Liposuction on the other hand is used for a relatively tighter layer of fat and excess skin in the upper arm. The patient is advised to refrain from ill habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption etc prior to surgery. The opposite situation can delay the healing process. As in any surgery, post-operative risks may be experienced. These risks include swelling, infection, formation of seroma (chamber of serous fluid), bleeding etc. The surgery does not consume much time.

Bat wing correction: Bat wings are loose folds of skin that literally ‘hangs’ from the upper arms. Through the procedure, the upper arms are smoothened, reshaped and given a firm appearance. The shoulder and the upper-arm areas are thus contoured to have a great shape.

Lockwood procedure: The procedure is named after a famous plastic surgeon Ted Lockwood. He was the pioneer who developed a lifting operation that shifted the tissues back to their original sites. The lockwood procedure is now used extensively for upper-arm lift.