Why consider ear correction?

As you know we don't get a chance to cover our ears, and if you become self concious about the shape, size or even the position of your ears, then we know it can be a bit of a bother.

Otoplasty_ also known as ear correction surgery- is a way which can reshape or re-position your ears,so that you don't just look better, but also feel better .

ear surgery

What is otoplasty?

It is a straightforward procedure, which takes no more than two hours. It is performed under local anaesthesia, and you are not required to stay in hospital , and on the road to a speedy recovery

The term-Otoplasty- which refers to any kind of ear correction surgery, which involves removing or reshaping, the cartilage, which makes re shapes the ears, or re positions them. With this procedure, you can “pin back” the ears which stick out,our even make larger ears smaller or improve the way the ear's look,if they are out of shape due to various sports activities, like rugby, or boxing.

Ear correction - what the procedure involves

You don't have to worry you will be in good hands, at our cosmetic centre, under well trained professionals at,Concept Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centre.

The surgeon will discuss the procedure beforehand, you will know well in advance which ear correction procedure,will use. The surgeon will make incisions behind the ears, so that all the scars are hidden. After the incisions are made the surgeon will perform the procedure to remove/or re shape the cartilage The procedure will take only a few hours. So you can leave the hospital after that.

After surgery

You ears would feel sore, swollen and bruised, and the area would be bandaged. The bandage will be there for about a week, After that you would have a follow-up appointment with the doctor. While sleeping at night,you might want to wear something, which would protect your ears.

The doctor would advise you about, after care for your ears, and when your follow-up appointments would be . In case you have any worries you can speak to the member of the clinical team,or the doctor.

The doctor would advise you that you take a week off, till the healing period, and it would take up to six weeks before you will be able to resume to normal activities.

Side effects, risks and complications

This procedure, does carry a very small risk,which the surgeon would discuss with you. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.