There are various ways in shaping your jaw so that, your face looks good. Usually a square lower jaw is generally considered to be a very masculine trait, and a wide lower face can be a cause of the enlargement of the mandible masseter muscle. However a face appears to be more attractive with a slender and more defined jaw line. The surgeon will assess and tell you what is the best method, according the to the person's expectation size and shape.

Botox Jaw Shaping

This type of shaping is done by a botox injection which is injected into the enlarged muscle, by weakening it , so that it becomes smaller through atrophy over several months. With botox injections, which are injected into the jaw muscles result in significant jaw sharpening

For the jaw muscles to shrink, a series of 3 injections over a period of 7 months, thus weakening the muscle which leads to the jaw to drop a little and results in sharpening the lower jaw line. Each session is painless, with no downtime and the result is more prominent after about 3-6 months. The results of jaw shaping is only temporary lasting for a maximum period of 1-1.5 years.

jaw surgery

RF Jaw reduction

This is a procedure, which is used to increase the results of botox injections where the result last for about 5-7 years,with less downtime compared to a risk of a full surgical muscle resection.


This is an minimally invasive procedure,which is done under local anaesthesia and the RF machine is used to ablate the jaw muscles, which leads to muscle reduction, the results and effect are similar to Botox just that this procedure is more permanent than Botox. The downtime will be of 1-2 weeks of slight swelling,more than botox however it is a one-time procedure.


With a surgical operation there are risks, compared to a Botox injection. The risks involved could be bleeding, infection, but could be rare salivary duct injury, the downtime is about 1-2 weeks of post-op swelling

After Procedure

The patient may experience some slight swelling and feel sore for some time due to the sensation of jaw muscle , but the patient will be able to function normally. The surgeon would advise the patient to consume light food for the first week. The results will show in 4-8 weeks after the procedure.