Liposuction –Vaser: V Shaping

Considering going in for V-shaping, this would be the same as getting a face-lit or any other kind of invasive surgical procedure.

So If you are considering,going in to perform other cosmetic procedures, like face lift,eye lift, and undergo the pain and suffer through weeks of downtime, you can go in for V-shaping, where it would give you excellent results, with this procedure.

The advantages of V-Shaping

  • Its pain free
  • Non-invasive liposuction
  • It tightens the skin on the cheeks and reduces the appearance of nasolabial folds
  • It tightens, the skin under the chin and also around the neck
  • It also breaks down the fat cells and flushes the fatty waste from the body
  • It also helps to tighten the skin around the eyes, removing the wrinkles commonly known as “crows feet”

The combination of ultrasound and RF energy used in this procedure, breaks down and removes the fact from the body. The heat produced from the RF energy, helps to strengthen the collagen fibres, and tighten the skin and further enhances the skin appearance.