Fat Filling: Cheeks

With age, the structure of the cheeks loosens and becomes soft and sags. People who care more about their appearance are afraid of this condition. Unstructured cheeks give a shabby look to the individual. People in this modern age are more concerned about their appearance. When cheeks are not attractive, the face cannot be attractive and good looking.

There are several conditions for which lipofilling may be recommended. In certain cases, the cheek may be sunken. There might be presence of lines between the cheek and lower eyelids. Fat disappearance from the bones of the cheek is yet another factor. Several kinds of irregularities can also be made smooth using this treatment. After the fat is injected, it is uniformly distributed to give a natural appearance.


Skin being the largest organ in the body, is susceptible to various external disturbances. Therefore, damage can easily be affected. Adding to the problems, skin is most visible part of the body. Hence, importance in achieving and maintaining the proper skin characteristics is very much essential. Lipofilling is among the prominent methods used for cosmetic treatment of skin.

Prior to lipofilling, assessment of skin elasticity, thickness and other features are performed. The surgeon shall also examine the body for finding an appropriate donor area. The amount of fat that is to be removed is also finalized. The procedure performed is similar to that mentioned before.

Depression in body

A perfect body structure and composition is an idealized condition. Most people always want their body parts in correct dimensions. Nobody wants an in proportionate abdomen, buttocks or waist. In order to correct this problem, they opt for liposuction. It helps to improve the scar, define the buttocks, enhancing the abdomen and to create waist. Graft or filling is used for this procedure.

Liposuction is one of the common surgical procedures. But, it has certain complications. It may sometimes develop superficial irregularities in the body. These irregularities can be treated with the procedure called structural micro fat grafting. It is done in order to achieve simple structural irregularities. For this, fatty tissues are placed to create structural changes in the body or face.


For breast lipofilling also, fat is suctioned from donor sites. The donor sites are chosen so that the reduction in the volume may be beneficial in these areas. This fat is then filtered so that only the healthy fat is inserted into the body. The fat is then inserted to areas below and in the underlying areas of skin. However, there is a limit to the amount of fat that can be filled into the breast. This capacity can be increased to an extent using Brava system. The enhancement is done by using external tissues.

A recent technique in breast lipofilling is breast augmentation with autologous fat. Such techniques can lead to a breast having an adequate amount and shape.