Liposuction –Vaser: Double Chin

Is having a Double Chin bothering you?Concept Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centre is the place to be to correct it.

The double chin is a layer of subcutaneous fat, around the neck which sags down and creates a wrinkle,making a “second” chin, this is a common by-product of ageing or weight gain,double chins can also appear on people who have average weight, depending on their bone structure and the amount of loose skin.

The cause of a , double chin or undefined jawline are areas, that are resistant to diet and exercise, and this is where Vaser can help.

Vaser liposuction is an advanced form of fat removal, using ultrasound, and one of the most advanced technologies available. With this technique, you can target specific features, to remove fatty tissue, with minimal disturbance of connective tissues,with improved skin retraction. Vaser can help the chin area to create a more defined jawline and in some cases a slimmer shape to the face.


With new cosmetic techniques it has made this procedure,is gentle enough to target delicate areas of the body, which is carried out at Concept Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centre, under local anaesthesia , however there is no actual need for you to stay overnight, at the hospital,nevertheless helps to reduce the recovery period.

Other benefits include:

  • There are large amounts of fact that can be removed, and reduce to two dress sizes
  • The procedure, helps to define the face,and flatten the fatty areas of the body
  • Uses ultrasound to shift fat cells away, from the surrounding tissues, minimising tissue damage
  • Multiple areas of fat in the body can be done with one single procedures
  • May stimulate skin contraction,which would result in tighter, and smoother skin


After the surgery on the double chin, the patients are given a compression garment as a part of their after-care programme to reduce swelling, promote healing and to speed up recovery.

  • You would need to take a few days rest to recover, depending on the intensity of the surgery
  • The area after the surgery will be a little swollen and are likely to be slightly bruised, this can last for a few weeks
  • The compression garment needs to be worn from some time as instructed by the surgeon, as this help to reduce the swelling