After you have gone through an mastectomy, and breast reconstruction can be done, while you are still under anaesthesia, or at a later time. Women sometimes need to wait, as they may be undergoing radiation for breast cancer, or they are not emotionally fit. Reconstruction,is a major surgery which may require more than one procedure. Consult with your plastic surgeon to know the pros and cons of the surgery. Women have different options with, breast reconstruction surgery, which includes implants and flap procedures.

How is Reconstruction done

Implants which involve in stretching the skin with a special tissue expander, the surgeon then inserts a silicone-gel or saline(salt water) implant. The tissue expander, which can be filled to a desired volume by injecting additional saline periodically, which is usually once a week for a few sessions.

Many women find that the session is a little painful, but are often pleased with the final result and the fact that they have more control over their breast.

The tissue flap procedures, which involves, using a woman's own tissue which is taken from the abdomen or the back to create a breast mound to reconstruct the breast. When the surgeon, takes tissue from the abdomen, these tissues,are known as TRAM flap, which is the full form of transverse, “rectus abdominis muscle.” If the surgeon takes tissue from the back to form the mound, it is called,latissimus dorsi flaps.

The areola(which is the darker area surrounding the nipple) can be tattooed. The nipple also can be constructed, from the tissue taken from the back or the abdominal flap and tattooed to resemble the colour of the nipple, in very rare cases the nipple from the original breast can be reattached,however the surgeon needs to be convinced that the tissue is cancer free.

Reconstruction does improve, the appearance of the breast because of the lack of nerve connection, to the nipple which will not rise or flatten in response to the touch or temperature.

Breast reconstruction, does not usually interfere, with chemotherapy, if radiation therapy is needed, some doctors prefer to delay the reconstruction.

Complications, are not so common , but it may include bleeding, scarring and infection.

Breast Prostheses

Women who wear breast prosthesis, is an option for women who choose, not to have reconstruction after mastectomy or wide local excision. Artificial breast, which are made of silicone gel, fits into a bra cup, at first the prostheses, may be cold and heavy but this feeling usually goes away.

Breast Reconstruction Tips

Consult , with your cosmetic surgeon,before surgery.

Ask you surgeon to give you instructions, that you can follow before the surgery.