PMMA- stands for permanent type of fillers which is commonly known as(Plomethyl-methacrylate).

These permanent dermal fillers, add new volume and remove or recover the skin cells which are dead or cause the signs of ageing. This process simply removes the dead skin, and the wrinkles or scars and also gives a soft and natural looking skin. PPMA is used as a permanent filler,which is inserted in the body, and this is done by using a syringe.

When PMMA is inserted into the body, the effect of the filler lasts for a long time, which is about 6 years , while other dermal fillers have their effect only for as much as a year or maximum 3 years, and then after that, and then the person has to go for another dose of dermal filler treatment. The advantage of using a permanent filler is that it has a long lasting effect, you feel younger, your is soft and it glows. These fillers are used in certain parts of the face, that is the chin,cheeks,lips wrinkles, etc; however the use of the dermal filler does not necessarily affect the expressions or physical look of the person taking its dose.

Allergy test required: As bovine collagen component is used in the injection.

Durability: Permanent.

Function / Purpose:

The purpose and function of this treatment is to treat medium-to-deep wrinkles,folds and furrows particularly nasolabial folds which may also be suitable for pitted scars,lip augmentation etc.

Procedure and Method of Use

This procedure is done with minimal risks and complications, however there are other important considerations to bear in mind when using this, or any injectable filler.

After washing the area to be treated thoroughly, and then dried the injector should sterilise the area which is to be treated using an antibacterial solution. The method of injecting will have a great affect, PMMA should be injected at the subcutaneous plane. PMMA is not meant to be placed subdermal and/or superficial placement may provide less than ideal results.