Moles & Warts Removal

Usually, the moles are not considered to be harmful. Warts are smooth less spot caused by viral infection. But, there are certain kinds of moles and warts which can be harmful. So, it should be examined when you feel that the mole/wart you have is harmful. A growing mole or sudden changes in mole can be threatening. These moles are to be treated properly. Moles and warts may sometimes affect your appearance.

Some moles and warts can turn into a skin cancer. Generally, the moles and warts treatment require only about 30 minutes. The first and foremost thing you have to do is, when you suspect your scar to be cancerous or you want to remove it for other reasons, you may consult a cosmetic specialist. The specialist will suggest you the apt treatment after examining the scar or wart.

Treatments and procedures

Removing moles is quick and easy. Generally, more removals are done under local anesthesia. The machine used for the process is known as radio surgitron machine. It is a procedure without blood loss and stitches. The whole mole is not removed in this treatment. What the surgeons do is, to shave off the mole flat with the skin. Stitches are not necessary after the surgery. It may take about one week for the skin to heel.

When the mole is flat or cancerous, it may need excision biopsy treatment. The mole will be removed completely and the wound will be stitched. These stitches will be removed after four or five days. After removing, the mole will be send to the lab for examination.

After the surgery, there will be minimal or no scarring. For a few weeks, the area will become slightly pink. The doctor will suggest you if any medication is needed after the surgery. There is a chance of re occurring of these moles and warts in some people. These kinds of issues need special care of the doctor.